Apollo 11 +20

NPR’s Morning Edition


Neil Armstrong’s photograph of one of the first footprints left on the moon. photo: NASA    More on the mission photography here.

You are up here as the sensing element, that point out on the end.

This piece aired on NPR’s Morning Edition on 20 July 1989, the 20th anniversary of the first lunar landing.

A couple of notes about it:

Rusty Schweickart was the perfect narrator for this piece. He was a lot of fun to work with: a very nice guy. He had edited a book containing the reflections of astronauts throughout the world on their experience of seeing earth from far away. The book, The Home Planet, was filled with lovely photos and short exceprts of their reflections. We wanted to try to translate that in some way for the radio.

The music mix in this piece is something I quite like. We worked for hours to get it right. The use of I Wonder As I Wander still pleases me to no end.

The last piece of music is taken from Antonín Dvořák’s 9th Symphony, “From The New World.” The crew of Apollo 11 carried a cassette recording of this music on the trip to the moon and back.

And I’m especially proud of having produced a 20th anniversary of Apollo 11 piece and not used the “One small step” audio.


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