Mouthsounds Competition


NPR’s All Things Considered


Cathedral mouth-puller, Derbyshire England


Beautiful downtown Belleville    photo: Christina Rutz/Flickr

This sort of mouthsound artwork is much more popular in Europe. Germans know it as Mündspiel.

An elaborate hoax perpetrated by Art Silverman, Robert Siegel, Jonathan Kern, and me on the 1st of April, 1997. This broadcast produced two things of note: (a) a phone call from the booker of The Tonight Show, who wanted Reed Summer’s contact information, and (b) a huge number of inquiries at the Belleville (IL) Chamber of Commerce wanting to know when and where the competition was being held, exactly. We later heard from the head of the Chamber who told us, “Hell, if we got this sort of response to a fake mouthsounds competition, maybe we should actually start holding one!”